Sony Has Secured Trademarks For Five More Future PlayStation Consoles From PS6 To PS10

Sony Has Secured Trademarks For Five More Future PlayStation Consoles From PS6 To PS10
Credit: Hollow via YouTube

While Sony’s next-generation PlayStation, PS5, has yet to hit the market, the company has not stopped its planning on developing better future consoles. Recently, the company has filed for trademarks that worth up to five more consoles from the Playstation series, including PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10.

Typical of the giant tech company, Sony filed the trademarks for its yet to come PS consoles in Japan. Nevertheless, fans should not get too excited over this news as the company is just registering a placeholder type of trademarks to safeguard the future of the PlayStation brand. This means that the company is not actually working on the products right now or will be producing them any time soon.

Similarly, the company’s action does not mean that a new system has already been planned for all the consoles up to PS10, as no company can accurately predict the foresight of the gaming industry due to the continuous advancement of technology.

When looking at the company track records, it would seem that the company has been rather aggressive with their trademark filing, which began with the PS4. Surprisingly, the trademark for PS4 has already been filed seven years before its actual launch date.

Furthermore, the trademark for the upcoming PS5, which is speculated to be released during the holiday season of 2020, has been filed way back in 2006. Hence, the company’s action of filing a decade’s worth of PS consoles can be considered the company’s custom.

That being said, it would be amusing to see if the current generation will ever get the opportunity to witness the launch of PS10, considering that the gaming landscape keeps changing over the years, especially when it comes to game streaming and high-speed internet.

As of the moment, the company is putting in maximum efforts into their latest upcoming next-gen PlayStation, the PlayStation 5, which has not even reach its final phase. The console’s developers are still focusing and pushing on its development kit that mimics the finalized product. Moreover, the company has yet actually to begin the system manufacturing.


The highly customizable Navi GPU and Zen 2, which is incorporated in the devkits, will most likely be revised as the company and developers provide feedback.

Similar to the previous consoles, the company will most probably support the latest console edition for around ten years and may introduce the following version roughly halfway to three-quarters of the console’s lifecycle.

Though reliable sources notified TweakTown that the PS5 would be launched by December of 2020, the product’s pricing is not yet revealed.