The Signifier Is A Tech-Noir Thriller From Raw Fury, Fear Technology In This Terrifying Depiction Of The Future

The Signifier Is A Tech-Noir Thriller From Raw Fury, Fear Technology In This Terrifying Depiction Of The Future
Credit: Steam XO

Take a trip into a dystopian reality where nothing is secret. The Signifier is a game that presents a unique piece of technology that can convert entire minds into data, and dump it into a hard drive. Solve a noir mystery in a tech-driven world as you explore the divide between technology and the mind.

This is a mystery puzzle experience with multiple layers of dialogue and investigation. Players are challenged with unraveling layers of dialogue in an attempt to find the truth buried far beneath the mind.

The Signifier combines noir mystery, technology, and investigation. this game is a psychological explosion as you understand the truth about artificial intelligence and the being of mind.

Play as Frederick Russell, and expert at AI and psychology. As the main researcher behind a deep brain scanner, you must delve into a whirlwind of intrigue and deception. Explore your own controversial technology and discover the truth about a murder.

Using your device you can travel into the mind and thoughts of the unconscious. Dive into the mind of the vice president of the world’s biggest tech company after she turns up dead in her apartment.

This game will mix fringe psychology studies with puzzles and investigation. Discover the truth behind a surreal world as you explore the divide between reality, data, and the mind.

Enter a game that explores three coexisting dimensions. Investigate reality alongside memories and dreamscape all understood by the brain. Using your machine you must move between realms, solve puzzles, unlock dialogue trees, and solve the mystery of a strange murder.

Using real psychological concepts players must navigate the strange unpredictable positions of the unconscious. Everything in this game is a challenge that falls into the mystery of the overall murder. This creates unique moments with no filler interactions, everything matters.

Explore a complex web of narratives that spiral and stretch into a complex network of intrigue and suspense. As you get immersed you will feel the pressure, emotion, and turmoil of the game which will drive you further towards fear than any jump scare.

Players who are ready to experience the divide between reality and fiction can find The Signifier on Steam as of October 15. the game is planning a console release later in the year so fans will have to wait until that happens. For more information be sure to follow this title on steam and explore the various social media outlets it provides.