The Developers Behind The Heavy Metal Guilty Gear Strive Fighting Game Announce The Return Of The Crazy Faust Character

The Developers Behind The Heavy Metal Guilty Gear Strive Fighting Game Announce The Return Of The Crazy Faust Character
Credit: Arc System Works via YouTube

There are a few things everyone needs to understand here. Guilty Gear is not here to be your best friend. The whole point is the game is supposed to entertain you, and that will happen, we promise. But are you ready for it? Probably not. And that is exactly what happens to be so crazy about this game in all honesty.

Guilty Gear Strive just announced that Faust will make a return to the game. So get out your backpacks because it seems like everyone is about to get taken back to school if you know what I mean. Faust is a long-standing character within the Guilty Gear universe, and the announcement that he is going to be returning to Guilty Gear Strive should be a big, big event for everyone who has ever loved the series as much as the megafans do.

The announcement for Faust’s return was made during the Frosty Faustings tournament that was going on this week. What a great time to make that announcement.

This character has been around for over 22 years if you think about it, which makes him one of the longer-lived characters in video game history. That is so totally nutty. Faust first started off as a character named Dr. Baldhead, then he went under by giving himself a name change. He then became the character we know as Faust.

He’s sort of a creep. And he uses a lot of physical humor gags by hitting other characters and sucking them up and eating them. That’s a bit disgusting, but it’s all done in good fun so there is no harm there, huh? But the Guilty Gear universe has always been known for its wild heavy metal vibes, and that means Faust or Dr. Baldhead is needed to kind of balance things out. Otherwise, where else would all of these things go.

People made a lot of jokes on Twitter related to people eating things, which I guess is a fetish for some people. But what else are you going to expect from a community as crazy as gamers?

Guilty Gear Strive has no definite release date as of today. But that’s not always a bad thing. What we do know for sure is that the game will be seeing a release sometime in 2020, which means all the super fans out there will not have to wait too long if you know what I mean. Guilty Gear Strive will be released on the PlayStation 4 of all places. So get ready to rumble.