TechVenture Kids Is Hosting A Minecraft Coding Camp: Allowing Kids To Learn How To Make Survival Mods

TechVenture Kids Is Hosting A Minecraft Coding Camp: Allowing Kids To Learn How To Make Survival Mods
Credit: TechVenture Kids

Online Coding Camps aren’t new to Minecraft, companies like Connected Camps and Code Ninjas have hosted coding camps before, TechVenture Kids are hosting a coding camp to create Survival Mods for a total of four days.

Starting from July 20th until July 24th, During this time, players will control the rules of their survival Minecraft world through their coding skills. This coding camp is called Online MINECRAFT code – SURVIVAL Mods, and the student’s age can be from nine to eleven.

The online page for this camp also states that children that are currently eight can join into this camp if they turn nine by December 31st of this year. This camp requires that the student must have a PC or Mac that can support Minecraft Education Edition, a Webcam, a stable internet connection, and either Zoom Video Conferencing or Google Meetings.

After signing up for the camp, users will receive MEE or Minecraft Education Edition, and an account will be provided to all students by TechVenture Kids.

This coding camp utilizes Minecraft Education Edition; this version of Minecraft provides an immersive learning experience where students can learn to code in their survival world.

During this camp, students learn various skills like Creative mod planning and sequencing, Event-driven programming, variables and math operators, and if-else statements and control loops. These skills are essential for future coders, as most coding experts are required to keep in mind for their code.

Students can collaborate with other students when they connect to the multiplayer world, and Instructors both coach and support students as they try to achieve their desired mod, and the instructors will point them in the right direction when they start to get discouraged.

TechVenture Kids online camps not only have a certified instructor, but they also have a maximum number of students. The class size of this camp is just seven students, and this ensures that instructors aren’t overwhelmed by a more significant number of students.

This smaller class size also allows for balanced and personalized learning while still giving students time to socialize with each other.

TechVenture Kids online camps run for a total of two hours of direct instruction every day while having up to one hour of self-paced work. This allows students to learn at their own pace while not hindering their time with the instructor.