Wizards Of The Coast Searches For A Social Diversity Manager Amidst Allegations Of Racism

Wizards Of The Coast Searches For A Social Diversity Manager Amidst Allegations Of Racism
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Wizards of the Coast is arguably the biggest company in tabletop gaming, with some of the biggest and most legendary titles under their belt. Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons are arguably the two most popular, but there are plenty of others.

In general, it’s hard to imagine tabletop gaming without Wizards of the Coast. However, while a typically highly regarded company, that isn’t to say they’re infallible.

One of the criticisms often lobbed their way is the belief that the company gives into and perpetuates racist stereotypes and derogatory, otherizing language.

In fact, Wizards of the Coast has acknowledged and even agreed with this, working to improve. Earlier last month, the company decided to change their terminology and language moving forward.

At that point, the conversation was mostly around the idea of monstrous and evil races, such as the way that Orcs and Drow are commonly presented. The idea of the entirety of a race being categorized as evil or monstrous is directly derogatory language often used to alienate and otherize races in our actual world.

That’s far from the only issue that the company has run into, of course, but it’s the quickest branch to point to to see that they’re working to improve. Now, the next bit of proof that the company is looking up while they move forward has appeared.

Wizards of the Coast has begun searching for a Senior Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Off of the title alone, it’s safe to assume that this person would be heavily focused on helping to move Wizards in the direction that they’ve been working towards.

“As we expand our growing multiverse, we continue to innovate and build new ways to foster friendship and connection,” their posting reads. “We believe that having a well-rounded party (team) that represents and reflects the world around us provides a critical advantage by allowing WotC to build incredible game worlds that everyone can see themselves in.”

It’s quite clear that this position will be based in helping to promote diversity and inclusion in all races and genders. More than anything, it’s a clear step in the direction they’ve been needing to move in.

That said, many fans are already discussing whether this will be a position that WotC may use as a scapegoat when issue appear once more. While this could be a vocal minority shouting these things, it’s a very worthwhile thing to be wary of with companies.

Either way, moving forward, it’s clear that Wizards of the Coast is dedicating themselves to improving where they need to. One can only hope that this trend continues on.