SimBus Is An Upcoming Bus Simulator That Will Feature Historic And Modern Vehicles

SimBus Is An Upcoming Bus Simulator That Will Feature Historic And Modern Vehicles
Credit: ThePlayWay via YouTube

There are a lot of vehicle simulators currently on the gaming marketplace. You have heavy-hitters like Microsoft Flight Simulator, American Truck Simulator, and SnowRunner. It was only a matter of time before buses received some additional spotlight.

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Bus Simulator has been the go-to series in this space, but it may have some competition in SimBus — an upcoming bus simulator from the developer SimRail S.A. It was just teased in an official announcement trailer, which goes on to show what is in store for players itching to get behind the wheel of these large commercial vehicles.

There will be both historic and modern buses for players to drive all throughout some beautiful and iconic locations. It looks like the developer is including a lot of regions out of the gate, including the United States, Europe, and China. Every region has a different set of rules that you’ll have to abide by as a bus driver trying to get everyone to their destinations safely.

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Considering these buses are large, players will have to mind their turns just right. A wrong approach and a collision is waiting to happen. That ups the stakes and makes driving different buses a fun experience, at least on paper.

The announcement trailer goes on to show some of the real landscapes players will find themselves surrounded by, as well as a vehicle customization system. If you want to change the color of your bus and swap out parts, those customizations will be possible.

SimBus will even have a multiplayer where players can enjoy bus simulation together. That opens up the game and immediately makes SimBus a more social experience. Imagine all of the fun you can have driving buses around with your friends. Of course, there will be opportunities for chaos too depending on the group of players you end up with.

Based off these initial impressions, SimBus looks like another great entry in the simulator space. It offers a realistic look at what life is like for career bus drivers. There are many elements drivers will have to account for, from the routes they take to the pace of the traffic.

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If you’re a fan of this type of simulation experience, you probably have a lot to look forward to. There currently isn’t a release date for the game, but one will probably be revealed here in a couple of months. Also expect additional trailers showing more of the details and systems leading up to release. Sit tight.