SnowRunner’s Explore And Expand DLC Releases On November 16th

SnowRunner’s Explore And Expand DLC Releases On November 16th
Credit: A Tribe Called Cars via YouTube

If you’ve wanted to take on incredibly demanding truck hauls in extreme environments, SnowRunnerhas been the title to experience. It showcases ice-road trucking in an authentic and fun way that makes you want to continue pushing the limits.

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It has been out almost a year now and thus far, the community seems to be singing its praises. It’s just a fun game that you can play to get a taste of what ice-road trucking is all about. On November 16th, it’s about to get even better with the Explore and Expand DLC.

It’s part of the Season Pass system, which has already delivered a lot of great content. This second phase is adding all sorts of things. You have a couple of new vehicles, including some Caterpillars, a lengthy trailer, and even a forklift. It’s always great for SnowRunner to receive new vehicles because their mechanics are usually different.

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Just as players master the current list of vehicles, more are added and that gives them plenty to play around with. The forklift looks like a particularly fun vehicle to drive if you haven’t been able to operate one in real life. You’ll have to be mindful of obstacles and load things just right as to not topple over.

Explore and Expand also is adding two large maps in the region of Canada. This country is beloved by many for its amazing sights. You’ll be able to see it all in SnowRunner, including frozen lakes, beautiful mountain tops, and trees that seem to go on for days.

All of these landscapes are beautiful, but as so often is the case in SnowRunner, will test your skills and push your equipment to the limit. That just means you can rise to the occasion in these snowy Canadian landscapes or go down swinging.

SnowRunner has been a pretty successful truck simulator and if these updates continue, then fans are in for some more incredible trucking experiences and journeys. If you want to be tested in the elements or want to drive some amazing vehicles with authentic controls, then SnowRunner is the title that will deliver everything and more.

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Be on the lookout for the second phase of the Season Pass, which has been an instrumental system for drivers looking for more to enjoy post-launch. It’s like the gift that keeps on delivering in meaningful ways. Who knows what else is on the horizon?