SnowRunner Is Getting New Season Pass Content That Will Be Available July 15

SnowRunner Is Getting New Season Pass Content That Will Be Available July 15
Credit: A Tribe Called Cars via YouTube

SnowRunner has been a pretty fantastic truck simulator overall. It creates suspenseful driving situations thanks to the icy, cold terrains and features authentic mechanics that you would find in the trucking industry today.

Mad Dog Games LLC has created an enticing driving experience that just keeps getting better thanks to the regular updates. If you’re looking for a premium trucking experience, there is the Season Pass. It gives users access to extra maps, vehicles, challenges, and much more.

For the price, it’s a pretty good deal that always delivers something new. The next big update for this system is Season 1: Search and Rescue, which comes out July 15. Thanks to some recent screenshots and details, fans don’t have to keep waiting to find out what’s in store.

Starting off is a new Russia region, which judging by pictures that have recently surfaced, looks to be filled with snow and trees. That should add to the difficulty of your trucking adventures, whether you’re using a semi-truck or an off-road vehicle.

The snowy environments have been a huge reason why SnowRunner has done so well out of the gate. It takes similar concepts found in American Truck Simulator, but dials up the difficulty to an eleven for adrenaline-pumping ice road adventures. This Russia region looks promising in that regard.

It has also been revealed that this first phase of the Season Pass includes an archaeological mission of some sort where players have the chance to look for an old World War 2 bomber plane. If you fancy yourself a history buff, this is the perfect opportunity to dig up some remains of history.

It’s a good change of pace from the rest of the missions found in the base game, which typically have you completing dangerous hauls with cargo or helping fellow truckers out of a tough situations.

Lastly, Season 1: Search and Rescue will include new vehicles, skins, and ways to customize the interior. Players will thus have plenty of opportunities to customize their trucks the way they see fit. It makes the heavy-duty vehicles even more personal and distinct.

This first phase certainly looks like it’s coming out swinging. With the new locations, maps, and historic mission, players should have plenty to do if they have the premium Season Pass. There are many more phases scheduled from the developer, which is great if you want the content train rolling along throughout the rest of 2020 and into 2021.