Second LifeAfter And Resident Evil Crossover Event Announced For December 3

Second LifeAfter And Resident Evil Crossover Event Announced For December 3
Credit: LifeAfter Website

LifeAfter has announced its second collaboration with Resident Evil. A new trailer was recently launched featuring the two heroes from LifeAfter teaming up with Jill Valentine and Ada Wong from Resident Evil. Other characters and creatures from the series are also announced to appear, such as Mr. X and Albert Wesker.

LifeAfter is a mobile game about survival and exploring the new world after the undead have taken over. Meanwhile, Resident Evil is a long-running series that recently launched remakes for Resident Evil 2 and 3.

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The trailer begins within the Raccoon City Police Department. The hero from LifeAfter encounters Jill Valentine, who is equipped with a bow and arrow. Their fight for survival leads them outside, where LifeAfter’s female heroine and Ada Wong appear. The two women ride on motorcycles and attack the Tyrant from both sides.

Watching them from afar is Albert Wester, who hasn’t appeared in the game series for a very long time. This may be one of the opportunities that fans have to see the character again. Additional enemies appearing include Executioner Majini, G (Stage 2), and Nemesis.

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The second collaboration event will include Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker, Leon Kennedy, and Ada Wong’s classic outfits, motorcycle, plus limited Resident Evil themed decorations and pendants.

The official LifeAfter website contains additional information and screenshots about the event. Players will have to put aside their fear of the undead and advance forward if they want to escape small buildings.

The Tyrant chases players as they search for three pendants to escape. After the players collect the necessary items, they’ll have to fight one last battle. The collaboration all fits with “The Last Battle” theme, where the heroes have to defeat the Umbrella Corporation and save humanity.

While players can tackle the game alone, it’s important to make friends. Uniting with others will help when fighting off large groups of touch opponents.

Starvation is another part of the game. Players will have to head into the wilderness to scavenge for food. If players don’t tend to their most basic needs, starvation will kill them before the undead do. All of the scavenged food can be placed in players’ homes, which they can construct if enough resources are collected.

LifeAfter is a free to play game available on iOS, Android, and PC. The game does contain some in-app purchases.

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The LifeAfter and Resident Evil crossover will begin on December 3.