Nintendo Offers New Guidelines On How to Disinfect The Nintendo Switch And Accessories

Nintendo Offers New Guidelines On How to Disinfect The Nintendo Switch And Accessories
Credit: Nintendo Switch Website

A few weeks ago, Nintendo released guidance on how to keep the Nintendo Switch battery running correctly by turning the device on at least twice a year. The company has now provided new guidance but on a different topic.

With the current COVID-19 situation, many are wondering how to keep their gaming devices clean. Larger consoles usually stay at home, but portable handhelds like the Nintendo Switch may come into contact with dirt and grime. Sharing a Joy-Con with a friend or anyone outside of the household could even be an anxious experience.

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Nintendo has updated its Customer Support website in both English and Japanese with guidance on how to clean and disinfect the Nintendo Switch and accessories. This is official guidance for anyone wondering how to clean the device without causing any damage.

Before owners start, they should turn off the console and unplug it, including any accessories. Players should also take care not to completely submerged any parts into the disinfectant liquid, which could permanently disable the device. After players clean their device, they should wait until it’s completely dry before using.

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On the Nintendo Support page, the company first provides guidance on how to spot clean device. The company suggests dampening a soft cloth with water, wringing it out to remove any excess water, and then gently wiping the soiled parts of the console.

If players need to disinfect their console or its accessories, they should lightly apply a “consumer-grade disinfectant containing about 70% alcohol to a soft cloth.” It’s not suggested to pour or dab the alcohol directly into the device first. With a soft cloth moistened with alcohol, players can gently wipe the product.

Players should also take care not to directly wipe or place the wet cloth or disinfectant inside of the console. The moisture could damage the sensitive parts of the Nintendo Switch.

The Japanese Nintendo Support goes further and informs players not to use any disinfectant if solvent other than alcohol. Using something like fuel would permanently damage the console and its accessories.

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Nintendo warns that if the device is damaged because of user error, and the player decides to send it in for repair, they may be charged further to repair the device if it can be repaired.

With these few steps, players can continue playing their Nintendo Switch and keeping the exterior clean and disinfected.