Nintendo Provides Important Advice For Keeping Switch Battery Working For Those Who Don’t Game Often

Nintendo Provides Important Advice For Keeping Switch Battery Working For Those Who Don’t Game Often
Credit: Nintendo Switch Website

The Nintendo Switch was released in March 2017. At launch, the console didn’t have a large library of games built up yet. Several ports were brought to the console, but this didn’t satisfy some waiting for a new Super Mario or Animal Crossing game.

Now that these big new titles have been released, gamers may have moved on to another game on PC or another console, or daily life may have gotten in the way. No matter what happened, for some, their Nintendo Switch consoles have gotten dusty.

The Japanese Nintendo social media accounts understand that it’s sometimes impossible to play video games every day, every week, or even every month. But, if players are in a situation where their Nintendo Switch has been sitting idle for several months, this isn’t good for the console.

Currently, there’s no off-switch for the Switch console, compared to other devices. If left idle for a while, the console’s battery will completely be drained if it’s not left plugged in. Leaving it plugged in without playing it causes a “vampire” drain, which uses up electricity and could be seen as a waste for some.

Nintendo recommends charging the Nintendo Switch at least once every six months. This amounts to twice a year. Players will likely pick up their consoles more than twice a year, but for others, they may be too busy with other issues to play as often as they want.

Nintendo goes on to explain that letting the battery sit completely drained is bad for the console. If players disregard Nintendo’s advice, the battery may become unchargeable. After that, players will have to send in their consoles for repair, which may be costly or impossible.

The company also asks that players use the Nintendo Switch once in awhile to keep the console active. This can be as simple as turning it on to update the console every few months or scrolling through the eShop occasionally.

These simple steps a few times a year can keep the Nintendo Switch working properly.

Three years after the Nintendo Switch initially launched, several new titles and ports available either as a physical cartridge or as a digital download for the console. Hopefully, by now, players can find a title that will keep them motivated to turn on their Nintendo Switches once in a while.