An Adorable Co-Op Action Adventure Is Headed To Steam With A Bright New Trailer And A Bright New World, Its Name Is Biped

An Adorable Co-Op Action Adventure Is Headed To Steam With A Bright New Trailer And A Bright New World, Its Name Is Biped
Credit: NExT Studios via Youtube

The upcoming title Biped is a beautiful and bright coop experience with a strong focus on collaboration between two small robots. The two robots go on a fun and bonding adventure as they explore a wonderful and happy world.

This is a coop game that can be played both locally and online. The game also supports solo play, but based on its design, many are suspecting ti loses value as a solo experience. Walk side by side as the two robots explore forests, valleys, waterfalls, and more across the 30 stages within the game.

Two robots, Aku and Sila, explore a playful and fun world together. You control the robot’s legs by using the two sticks on your controller, or the left and right mouse buttons. This allows you to do everything from simply walking to sliding and sometimes even more advanced actions. Before long, you will master these simple controls and be able to operate complex machinery or cut wood with the help of your friend.

Your adventure will explore the entirety of a beautiful and mysterious planet. Explore puzzling paths and wonderful diversions as you travel across the world. This game is about having fun and enjoying your time in it rather than simply going from objective to objective.

Players can collect treasure and buy hats for their robots. This allows you to dress up your biped in any way you want, or match your partner and become the best-dressed adventurers on quite the epic quest.

Players can find more information about the game on its main website or through their Steam Page. This game is already available, and there are active streamers exploring the unknown of this strange world. Chinese video-sharing website known as bilibili has been streaming the game and helping share this title’s trailer as it slowly gains popularity among the gaming community.

Explore the unknown in NEXT Studio’s new title and enjoy the goofy adventure that will unfold in front of you. Unique controls mixed with a unique world leaves much to be explored and enjoyed by fans who take the time to look deeper than just the cover of this title.

Biped can be found on the Steam store right now for $14.99. There is a special sale happening until April 2 if you want an additional 15% discount on this title. The developers are planning on a release for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 sometime later this year.