Lost Words: Beyond The Page Now Is Available Exclusively On Google Stadia

Lost Words: Beyond The Page Now Is Available Exclusively On Google Stadia
Credit: Stadia via YouTube

Google Stadia has now been out for several months. In that time, it has received mixed reviews. There are users that genuinely enjoy its technology and not having to buy a bunch of equipment to play the latest AAA games. Then there are those who have had streaming issues and haven’t been too thrilled about the exclusive games list.

That was an important selling point for the Stadia early on. It was going to offer a lot of games you couldn’t get anywhere else. Although its exclusive library consists of Gylt, Google has plans of adding to the list to give this streaming platform added firepower.

A new one just released for the platform just recently called Lost Words: Beyond the Page. It’s a 2D narrative adventure game developed by Sketchbook Games. There is one caveat worth mentioning, though. It will be a Stadia exclusive for exactly one year. It will then move on to other platforms like Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Until that time, the Stadia is the platform to use if you’re interested in its interesting visuals, story, and voice-acting. The game features a story written by the iconic and beloved Rhianna Pratchett. You might remember her work from BioShock Infinite and Prince of Persia. She’s extremely talented and her being on the project is promising in terms of the emotional journey you’ll get to go on.

The game is rather unique in that you’ll interact and move words to solve puzzles. It definitely is an interesting take on the puzzle/adventure genre overall, and one that could make this game do well commercially right out of the gate.

The story revolves around a young girl and her diary. What she writes actually turns to reality in the form of 2D worlds. Throughout your journey as this young girl, you’ll have to solve puzzles and make decisions that affect the story’s outcome. So right from the beginning, you’re captivated by the choices you’re forced to make. Every action counts for something.

The 2D words have been beautifully rendered and there is a lot of emotion as well as atmosphere that you’ll pick up on from the start. Lost Words: Beyond the Page definitely has a lot of personality and is an amazing addition to the somewhat limited exclusive offerings on Stadia. However, if Google can keep adding games like this, that could set them on the right course moving forward.