Point and Click Adventure Game Rainswept Is Making Its Way To Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4

Point and Click Adventure Game Rainswept Is Making Its Way To Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4
Credit: 2AwesomeStudio via Youtube

Enter a detective adventure set in a small town as Rainswept makes its way to a console audience. The game is planning to release the title on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 throughout the month. Enjoy an emotional journey with tangled threads of love drive the character to a bloody realization.

Rainswept puts players in the role of a detective who pursues a case that will bring back more than just the past. Be pushed to the edge and watch your sanity fall to shreds as new evidence is slowly uncovered. This is not a detective journey for the faint of heart.

Take the role of Detective Stone as you enter a small town that has just experienced a double shooting. As you solve the mystery you will find unresolved trauma mixed with confusing and tangled threads of love all wrapped in a character-driven murder mystery experience.

Enter Pineview as an assistant to the police force with a fairly simple case. A couple is found dead in their kitchen and the police believe it is a murder-suicide. Speculation in the community grows with rumors of the turbulent relationship that suggest this may be more then meets the eye.

As Detective Stone players will have to discover the truth behind Chris and Diane’s. He brings with him Amy Blunt, an empathic sidekick to his detective work. Learn more about Detective Stone’s past as you investigate deeper into the not so simple case.

This is an adventure game that deals with the themes of love, relationships, and trauma. Frostwood Interactive has worked hard to provide a deep and compelling environment mixed with beautiful music by Micamic.

Explore the town of Pineview and talk to the locals. Interview suspects, dig into the victim’s past and piece together the truth of Chris and Diane’s brutal deaths. Learn the complicated nature of their relationship as you play through this narrative experience.

Enjoy moments of clarity as you play as Chris and experience his story first hand with Diane. Join them in key moments of their lives and learn how they met, how they lived, and how they loved.

Take on this detective challenge with pine trees, coffee, and rain. There is a wide cast of characters each with meaningful motivations and distinct personalities that give this game a unique sense of life.

Rainswept is currently available on Steam. Players can get the game on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 later this month.