Mortal Shell Now Has An Open Beta Instead Of Closed Thanks To The High Volume Of Requests

Mortal Shell Now Has An Open Beta Instead Of Closed Thanks To The High Volume Of Requests
Credit: Mortal Shell via YouTube

Mortal Shell is a very promising deep action-RPG that prides itself on difficulty. Players will be required to be hyper-vigilant, time their attacks perfectly, and use precision at all times.

It sounds like the perfect Souls-like experience for those that don’t mind habitual deaths before finally finding success and progression. As it stands now, Mortal Shell is scheduled to release 2021.

Before then, a closed beta was being offered for a select handful of lucky gamers. If you’re not familiar with how these betas work, users generally sign up and must be approved by the developer before being able to download and play the game.

Unlike a lot of other RPGs, though, Mortal Shell’s closed beta was recently just opened up to everyone. The developer Cold Symmetry made this move in response to the overwhelming demand from eager players interested in also getting their hands on the demo.

As of now, the beta is available through the Epic Games Store. So if you want to see what potential Mortal Shell has and what direction the developer is taking it, head on over to the platform and download a copy today.

Already, the game’s premise looks very interesting. You’ll move throughout beautifully detailed environments taking down menacing foes through the lost remains of defeated warriors.

While occupying their bodies, you’ll get to discover different ways of combat. Every enemy encounter is just as challenging as the next. So if you’re looking to breeze through the game without a scratch on you, Mortal Shell is probably going to be a hair-grabbing experience.

You’ll have to use timing and accuracy when finding openings. They happen fast so you’ll have to be on guard the entire time. Enemies also vary in how they approach combat so critical-thinking and a calculated approach are both required.

Some enemies are slow and powerful while others are pretty nimble. Each encounter is your chance to put your warrior skills to the test. Like a lot of other Dark Souls-inspired games, dying will be a repeat occurrence. There will be times when you just want to put down the controller and take a long break.

Those that return may be seem to have a glutton for punishment, but there is something addicting about getting through difficult areas and enemies. You feel a rush of excitement finally besting a section that you thought impossible to get past. You can experience all of this right now by heading to Epic Games Store.