LEC – Vitality’s Top Laner Cabochard Is Looking For Opportunities For Upcoming Spring Split 2021

LEC – Vitality’s Top Laner Cabochard Is Looking For Opportunities For Upcoming Spring Split 2021
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

After yet another disappointing end to the season, Team Vitality will let experienced top laner Cabochard explore his options ahead of the 2021 League of Legends competitive season, the veteran announced today.

The 23-year-old made the announcement after his team failed to qualify for the 2020 LEC Summer Split playoffs, as well as the 2020 World Championship. Vitality struggled to find any success this year after switching multiple players in and out of its roster.

During the 2020 Spring Split, Vitality ran a roster composed of experienced LEC talent like Cabochard and Jactroll, while also using a trio of rookies with Comp, Skeanz, and Saken. But this roster couldn’t keep up with the competition and came in last place with an abysmal 2-16 record.

The following split, the team brought in Milica and Nji to run the mid lane and jungle, respectively, while allowing their two other rookies to garner more experience with their Academy team. But again, constant roster swaps prevented this team from building up synergy. Inconsistent performances soon followed and the team ended the season with a 7-11 record.

Cabochard is one of Europe’s most experienced top laners and has been a rock in the top lane for most of the teams he’s played for. He joined Vitality in 2016, but after four years, he’s only managed to reach Worlds once in 2018.

He’ll now be searching for another opportunity to prove himself with a new team to call home. There are a few teams that could use a veteran top laner like Cabochard, but he still has plenty of time before the upcoming offseason to make a decision on his future.

Vitality is also changing the roster in other games aswell. French organization Vitality is set to expand its CS:GO roster in the near future, according to a report by French website 1pv.fr.

Vitality has reportedly already identified four targets who are capable of becoming a sixth player: Bryan “⁠Maka⁠” Canda and Nabil “⁠Nivera⁠” Benrlitom from Heretics, Ali “⁠hAdji⁠” Haïnouss from LDLC, and Nicolas “⁠Keoz⁠” from K23.

The choice of who will be Vitality’s sixth player won’t depend on his role, experience, and skill, according to 1pv.fr’s report. It will also reportedly depend on how the negotiations between Vitality and the other organizations develop.

Hadji is the most experienced player on Vitality’s shortlist, having played for Envy in 2018. The 24-year-old was also targeted by Vitality earlier this year when the French team benched Alex McMeekin, but Vitality ended up signing Kévin “⁠misutaaa⁠” Rabier instead.