The Sims 4 PC Update Restyles Existing CAS Hairstyles And Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

The Sims 4 PC Update Restyles Existing CAS Hairstyles And Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
Credit: The Sims 4 Website

EA and Maxis recently launched their newest The Sims 4 update. The update was previously announced on social media and the game’s official blog. The update changes to existing content within the game, including some previously reported issues from players.

The first update is only available for PC players at this time. Console players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait until November. The Sims team has recently released new content and updates for all platforms simultaneously, but there may have been additional issues to delay the update for console players.

The Sims team also updated two of the existing hairstyles. This is only the first of many changes coming to Create-a-Sim (CAS).

Additional major fixes include allowing Sims to potty train and read to Toddlers again, allowing Civil Designer Sims from the Eco Lifestyle EP to complete Work from Home Assignments, added the Focus and Metal station as an option for Earbuds, and fixing Error 124:2951a73, which caused an issue when players tried to play any household when a Sim household returns from vacation.

As with all updates, players should remove their mods from their game folder. After the update is installed, the mods should be updated because it may break the game if left in an older version.

The game always disables custom content and script mods in the settings when updating. Players will need to remember to reactivate this setting and restart their game before loading a saved household.

In addition to the update is new content to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. According to the news post. the items include:

  • New Object: Chiminea (grill)
  • New Grilled Foods: Asado, Grilled Plantains, Churrasco, Pinchos, Choripan, Chimis, Chimichurri Skewers, Elotes, Pollo a la Brasa
  • Outdoor Decor: Pottery, Arbor, Filetado-inspired sign/painting for backyard, kitchen, or restaurant use
  • Painted Dining Set: Colorful Table and Chairs
  • Clothing: Panama Hat, Huipil, Guayabera, and new items with designs inspired by Mister Cartoon

The first round of updates comes as a response to players who have criticized the game for not being more inclusive. Some of the darker skin tones were not representative of real-life skin tones. PC players have access to custom content to help resolve this issue, but many believe that they shouldn’t have to download third-party content for more inclusivity. Console players can’t install CC at all. The Sims team has stated they plan to continue to work on making The Sims 4 a better experience for everyone.

The October 6 update is now available only for The Sims 4 players on PC. The update for console players is expected to launch on November 10.