Insomniac Games Announces Save Export Support For Upcoming Spider-Man Remastered

Insomniac Games Announces Save Export Support For Upcoming Spider-Man Remastered
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

The title that came swinging onto the PlayStation 4 as an exclusive ended up being a massive hit, with nearly every outlet stating ‘it makes you feel like Spider-Man‘ in a strange chorus that echoed throughout multiple mediums.

To be fair, the swinging through the city wasn’t half-bad by any sense, and the combat actually had a surprising amount of depth in comparisons to past Spider-Man titles.

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Overall, it’s estimated that Marvel’s Spider-Man takes about 20 hours to beat, presuming that you’re stopping to smell the digital streets of New York in between beating thugs, finding secrets, and chasing down the three DLCs (which each add about three hours of additional content by themselves).

So the announcement that Insomniac Games is crafting Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered to swing onto the PlayStation 5, slightly over two years after the original one released on September 7, 2018, was…interesting.

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There’s no denying that the title was well accepted and beloved from fans and critics alike, yet to release it again just to apparently cash-in on the upcoming next-gen seemed questionable to many.

Until Insomniac Games clarified via Twitter as to precisely what fans can expect when the title, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, launches tomorrow on November 12, 2020.

First, you can transfer your save game state from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5.

The trophy lists between the original and the remastered will be separate, meaning you can again earn all of the trophies; whether that’s a boon or detriment is already the host of many heated forum posts.

Insomniac Games also notes that you will be able to upgrade your version of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for $20 via the in-game menu to access Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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If you already own Marvel’s Spider-Man, there is not a bundle where you can save on the upcoming Miles Morales; at least not one that you could readily rely upon to release in the near future.

That Insomniac is braving the community once again after angry yet meagerly educated fans of the series sent death threats over the change of Peter Parker’s appearance is admirable; the replies Insomniac sent to questions on Twitter were relentless in following up again about the change to the original Spider-Man’s face.

Whether or not the remaster is actually warranted will be answered a few days after the release tomorrow; it’s difficult to deny that resources were readily spent on the title, and speculation abounds as to whether or not the attempt was worth it.