Horizon Zero Dawn On PC Still Hasn’t Cemented A Release Date While The Studio Hypes Sequel

Horizon Zero Dawn On PC Still Hasn’t Cemented A Release Date While The Studio Hypes Sequel
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Horizon Zero Dawn can be a bit of a room-divider, much like The Last Of Us 2. On one hand, the world-building is a master-class in taking an idea and running with it. The monstrosities coming from some fabled ancient tech, and the plumbing of ruins is a fascinating way of marrying the archaic civilizations and rituals of the Sacred Land with technology long-forgotten.

Then they throw that all away with side-quests that have next to no bearing on the story, where the NPCs inevitably die in dramatic fashion after Aloy murders her way to them through bunches of nameless enemies seemingly haphazardly strewn about the map.

The combat has an excellent depth that offers Aloy multiple ways to her objective; yet stealth is arguably the most controllable and rewarding, boxing players on higher difficulties into a rinse-and-repeat format that seemingly never ends, and is rarely punctuated by anything interesting beyond scripted events that occur primarily within the main storyline.

Guerrilla Games is looking at continuing this room-dividing with Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC this summer, featuring a capped field of view (promising nausea for many), alleged FPS cap that mimics the 30 frames per second on PlayStation 4, yet beautiful 4K resolution along with the inevitability of mods that will likely deliver content (or at least quality of life features) well into the future.

Note the FPS cap is alleged and has not been confirmed by anyone from Guerrilla.

Yet as we’re closing out June, Horizon Zero Dawn still has no release date set for the PC beyond the vague promise of Summer 2020.

Technically, that means that Guerrilla has until September 22 to release the title, but a complete lack of announcements while the studio is hyping up the sequel coming to PlayStation 5, Horizon Forbidden West has befuddled more than a few consumers anxious to step into the shoes of Aloy on the PC.

While Guerrilla has set up the Steam page for the title’s port over to PCs, it’s lacking any form of information beyond a simplistic approach to the plot of HZD. Framerate, supported resolutions, or even a mention of keyboard and mouse support is completely lacking from the page, much less any indication as to when it might actually arrive.

Some are taking this to imply that the studio is having difficulties in translating the title over to PC from the controlled hardware of the PlayStation 4; an implication that is well supported by Guerrilla’s announcement of a field-of-view being locked as it likely ties to physics and rendering.

Others are inferring that the studio is instead focusing on Horizon Forbidden West, and the port is mostly done while the studio bides their time. Which brings us to the current situation: Guerrilla seems to have completely forgotten about the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port that caused users to break their PlayStations in anger, and they aren’t willing to discuss it publically at the moment, for whatever reason.