Valorant Will Receive A New Agent With Every Act, According To Riot

Valorant Will Receive A New Agent With Every Act, According To Riot
Credit: Esports Talk via YouTube

Valorant has now been out for nearly a month. So far, gamers seem to be loving what Riot Games was able to achieve in this five-on-five competitive shooter.

It has a lot of similar elements from games like CS: Go and Overwatch, but expands upon the competitive shooter genre in the right departments.

One element that has really helped Valorant stand out is the diversity in agents. There are currently eleven to play as, including Sage, Sova, Omen, Jett, Cypher, and Breach. Each one is uniquely powered and has fun ultimates to use at the appropriate times.

It looks like this list is about to get even bigger, too. In a recent interview with the game’s executive producer Anna Donlon, some future plans for this shooter were revealed. Most notably, new agents are planned with every act that releases.

The acts are pretty much like seasons in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. It’s the mark of new challenges, themes, and content. Based on reports from Donlon, there will be an act every two months.

So if Riot Games adds a new agent with every act, you’re looking at six new agents a year. That means even more epic combat possibilities in the future.

The agent variety is already pretty decent. Some agents rely on the more traditional weapons while others use elemental powers to gain the upper hand in the fast-tempo matches. Riot Games can use each act as an opportunity to add distinct agents that dramatically change up gameplay.

It’s a pretty solid plan from Riot Games and shows they’re committed to providing players with as much value as possible. That’s pretty incredible for a free-to-play title.

Donlon also reported that the acts will be broken down into episodes occurring every six months. They’re a way for the developer to make noteworthy changes.

Adding new agents is a great start, but there is still so much Riot Games can do with this competitive shooter. They can add additional maps and include new weapons to keep even the more advanced players honest.

Even though Valorant hasn’t been out for very long, it’s clear that it has a bright future. Now all Riot Games has to do is listen to the fans and make adjustments based on the feedback they receive over the next couple of months.

Valorant started off with a bang and it seems like it will continue to have momentum for the foreseeable future.