Hero Emblems 2 Development Footage Released Along With Release Window

Hero Emblems 2 Development Footage Released Along With Release Window
Credit: Hero Emblems via Twitter

Developer HeatPot has released a new trailer and the release window for its upcoming game Hero Emblems 2. The game is a sequel to the original Hero Emblems mobile title that launched six years ago.

The Hero Emblems series is a JRPG that combines side-scrolling, beat ’em up action, and Match-3 puzzle features. The game is set in a world of sword fighting and wizardry. Players control four brave warriors who each have different emblems to stop the reawakening of the God of Evil.

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The sequel takes place in the same world as the first, but with a new story. Playing the first game isn’t required to understand the story of Hero Emblems 2. This time, players will control a group of four heroes composed of two humans and two humanoid animals.

In the new footage, the gameplay will have some changes. Players can arrange the party members into active and standby groups. The seventh character that has debuted was a frog bard.

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The footage also showcases two new features. Party members have passive abilities and can use accessories to activate the “Avoiding Debuffs” ability.

The overall gameplay is similar to Hero Emblems one. Players can launch combo attacks, defense, healing, and other skills by matching three puzzle pieces. The bigger the combos, the stronger the attacks will be.

Some strategy is involved, especially if a character needs healing or an enemy is close to being defeated. Players also have to strategize. Monsters have unique strengths and weaknesses. Some of them will even attack with debuffs that may freeze the entire puzzle board, which makes players unable to make moves.

Players have to try and take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses and attack quickly before they fall prey to the opposing attacks. The game takes place in different environments. Players may find themselves fighting in an open field, at night time in a cemetery, inside a crumbling stone building, and more.

Since the game is also an RPG, players will follow an epic story, meet NPCs, visit villages, and more. The game also offers seamless transitions between the story and gameplay for additional immersion.

The developer stated they are currently working on the game and are slowly working on releasing new content. The company has an official Twitter account where they occasionally post new videos and news updates.

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Hero Emblems 2 plans to launch on mobile in Summer 2021.