Fight Crab Has Just Updated Releasing Its 1.2.0 Update

Fight Crab Has Just Updated Releasing Its 1.2.0 Update
Credit: Steam XO

A brand new live action trailer for Fight Crab has been released to announce the free update to the battle action experience. This update brings a variety of fixes alongside new in-game skins for players to enjoy as they beat the other crustaceans into submission. Fight Crab is a unique take on the action battle experience that deserves some extra attention for its strange twist.

The idea is simple, a bunch of crabs wield weapons and destroy each other. From cities to oceans they travel across the land wielding whatever they can claw and dominating the other crab. This is a large scale experience that continues to surprise players with its unique brand of action.

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Fight Crab is a 3D action game where players battle it out as crabs taking on other crabs and the occasional lobster. Control your pincers, develop a fighting style, and enter the arena to battle for crustacean dominance with a wide variety of strange weapons.

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The game contains both a online multiplayer experience and a offline campaign mode with over 41 battles to conquer. Experience the strange story of these battling crabs as you fight through increasingly difficult battle situations.

Another interesting feature is the ability to link the game into VRoid Hub where players can show off their avatars. The avatars ride atop the crabs and add a strange cosmetic option for players who want more then just weapons and skins.

The game update has added a number of fixes and balance adjustments. Players can now receive the silver, copper, gold skins and apply them to any of the 23 different crabs. Do note that unlocking these skins requires players to have first completed the Fight Crab campaign.

In addition to game content, the update added a live-action story trailer for Fight Crab that weaves the current trailers all together into a single epic experience. Players can now experience the full story of Fight Crab in one concise video.

There is a lot going on in this unique crab experience. Players who like wacky sandbox style games are sure to find this an enjoyable and fascinating experience.

This game can be played on Steam and currently is sitting at a Very Positive feedback status.

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Fight Crab is available for $19.99 on Steam from developer Calappa Games for anyone who wants to enter the arena and defeat some enemy crabs in epic combat. There can only be one crab to rule all crabs.