Eden Remains: Arrival Comes From Revelation Games Bringing A New Space Shooter To Audiences

Eden Remains: Arrival Comes From Revelation Games Bringing A New Space Shooter To Audiences
Credit: Eden Remains Presskit

Revelation Games is a Christian-based game company that is putting out a sci-fi first-person action survival game. The game, Eden Remains: Arrival, takes players to a distant planet after a distress signal was triggered at the research facility on Eden. Upon arrival, the player’s ship is shot down and they are stranded on the planet with only the research facility available for their rescue.

Players must survive in harsh and unforgiving situations as they try and re-establish communication with the facility. Explore a mysterious story, travel across an ancient planet, and learn the truth behind the Eden initiative. This is a unique planet that blends survival, action, and sci-fi mechanics as humanity tries to re-colonize onto a planet that does not want them there.

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While some may find it strange that a Christian development studio is headed to space, religion can often be a powerful wealth of design inspiration. As the Christian-based company expand into video games, they seem to be combining faith within the lore of their titles and expanded upon what fans expect from similar studios.

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Although the game seems rather simple in concept, there are sure to be complications that are not yet revealed. As community members continue to investigate this sci-fi title, they are discovering more and more depth around every corner.

It has a very strange visual design. At first glance, it similar to No Man’s Sky with is cartoonish environments, but it seems like this game is prioritizing combat. Players have to manage their vitals, craft supplies and take on hostile alien creatures that were drawn to you from your crash site.

Play as an elite trooper on a rescue mission. Your training allows you to take cover, flank targets, and gain the upper hand in combat. As you progress through the game, you will find additional combat capabilities and upgrades for use on this grim and desert planet.

The story follows humanity after the original Earth was destroyed almost 50 years ago by an asteroid. Based on the trailer, something has gone wrong with the recolonization efforts, and only you can figure out exactly what is happening in the barren desert.

The giant worm seen in screenshots and overall atmosphere have a very Dune theme to it. There will no doubt be references to religious icons and locations hidden throughout the title, but the overall game seems standalone from the developer’s religious base.

This title will most likely be good for audiences of all ages. Players will need to investigate the developers website for more information as this title is newly announced and not much is known as of yet. Prepare for a blessed adventure on a planet far from the home that we all know.

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Eden Remains: Arrival has no announced release date as of yet. This title will most likely be appearing later this year or next year, but so far not much is known as to the development details hidden underneath this space adventure.