Crown Trick Has Launched Onto PC And Nintendo Switch

Crown Trick Has Launched Onto PC And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Steam XO

Enter into a new rogue like experience as Crown Trick makes its way to a full release. Last time this game was covered, it was surging in popularity at PAX. Now, the game has launched in full allowing players a chance to join Elle on their unique journey through procedural generated dungeon levels.

This title requires clear thinking and quick strategy as players face the Nightmare Realm. Explore the doors, rooms, and corridors as you encounter monsters and traps at every turn. This is a unique rogue like that is both engaging and ambitious.

Crown Trick introduces players to a labyrinth that moves as the player moves. The key to success comes from mastering the elements, defeating enemies, and uncovering the mystery of this underground world. New experiences await players with every delve into the dungeon, and their only guide is the crown upon their head.

This is a beautifully animated game that mixes dungeon exploration with RPG mechanism. Enjoy a turn-based combat system that relies on player’s abilities to challenge the dungeon and master the elements.

The entire dungeon is procedurally generated so every run is dramatically different. Crown Trick locks you inside small dungeon rooms where you must do battle with strange monsters without ever knowing where you are going.

As you move, the game moves with you. Your enemies will stand still until you decide the best way to take on the level. Map your route, decide the best way to avoid trouble, and carefully find a route to escape this strange dungeon.

The deeper you travel into this dungeon the more elements you learn about. Throw fire and oil together, mix lighting with water, and find many lethal combinations just waiting to be exploited.

This is a unique title with a completely brand new combat style. Choose from over 40 active skills as you slay over 100 different monsters. This is a challenging mission mixed with bosses, puzzles, and more.

The art style really sells this title as it looks like a cartoon. Players will love the unique animations as they explore a strange land that much deeper then expected. This title has officially launched so players can purchase it on their preferred system.

Crown Trick is available on PC and Nintendo Switch for $19.99. Interested fans can explore the Steam page for more information and save a 10% discount on PC until October 23rd. Prepare to enter the dungeon and learn the Crown Trick.