DarkStone Digital’s Sci-Fi Horror Mini-Game Kohate Launches On October 15

DarkStone Digital’s Sci-Fi Horror Mini-Game Kohate Launches On October 15
Credit: Kohate via Steam

Developer DarkStone Digital has announced the release of a new horror mini-game Kohate this October. The game was created as something short that could be released before Halloween.

DarkStone Digital’s developer Brian Clarke commented about the release. Clarke mentioned that the single-player game would re-visit his first solo project, The Subject and expand upon the universe. Kohate’s visuals were inspired by 80s Sci-Fi movies.

Kohate is a horror game set in the same universe as The Subject but in an all-new location with a different experience. The game stars a man who was arrested, bought at an auction by BioMass Labs and then shipped to a secret testing facility in deep space.

The game takes place during a time when a commercial police force is monitoring the galaxy. The law wants to make as much money as possible and has begun to arrest and convict citizens for the smallest offenses. The high rate of incarceration led to the development of the Justice Auction system.

No one knows what happens at a BioMass Labs facility, but they do know no one comes back alive. While performing various tasks, the player must complete their test, plus explore the complex to unlock new areas and progress. An abomination is also lurking within the halls of the facility that is ready to strike at any moment.

Kohate’s goal is to provide players a fun experience, while also giving them a thrill. The game can be completed within one sitting, but there are multiple endings to unlock. The facility contains several secrets to uncover plus lore.

The game also offers a Casual Mode that removes the monster. This allows players to explore the facility without worrying about the monster that lurks within.

Players who want to follow development of the game, and learn more about it before the launch, can follow the developer on social media. The store page is available on Steam to wishlist now.

The Subject was initially released in November 2018 and is available on Steam now. The game also follows a prisoner who was sold to a testing facility in space. The Subject is a sci-fi puzzle game with adventure elements.

Kohate launches on PC via Steam on October 15 for $4.99.