Terraria Gets The Final Final Patch Today Titled Journey’s Actual End With Cosmetics And Bug Fixes

Terraria Gets The Final Final Patch Today Titled Journey’s Actual End With Cosmetics And Bug Fixes
Credit: Re-Logic via YouTube

No no, this time we’re serious: Terraria is getting its final update today on October 13, 2020, titled Journey’s Actual End.

We’re not getting with this last patch the frankly staggering slew of content that Journey’s End brought us for the titles anniversary earlier this year, but it also isn’t small enough to go through unnoticed; a short sixteen-second trailer shows that they’re bringing a bit more content as one last hurrah.

With a final NPC that will join forces with the players on the world, new achievements, vaguely-stated balance changes, and of course a bit more vanity items, this does look likely to finish out the legendary run of Terraria; at least as far as official development goes.

If you’re hankering for even more content, you shouldn’t be too worried: modders have taken a liking to Terraria and have already unleashed a massive helping of additional content that has been enjoyed by millions of PC players around the world gauged by download numbers offered within the forums.

tModLoader finally arrived at Terraria on PC via the Steam platform on May 16, 2020, allowing for a direct channel for mods to funnel into the beloved 2D survival-crafter. While many have appreciated no longer needing to juggle patches within the games folder, tModLoader still hasn’t arrived for Terraria 1.4 and, by all accounts, is still quite a ways off.

Unlucky for those that find Terraria a bit easier to bear with a few quality of life features such as auto-sorting inventory and adding a few dozen more bosses and biomes to the map.

The good news, if you’re the type to look for a silver lining, is that Re-Logic is done with Terraria: meaning the TML Team in charge of tModLoader won’t need to continue to chase development from Re-Logic to stay up to date.

Further, the wild number of mods currently available on PC can easily stretch the amount of content available into an additional hundreds of hours, and 1.4 still hasn’t been tinkered with to its maximum range. Once tModLoader finally gets updated, expect even more mods that will range from furthering the new golf mini-game (you can already make your own courses) to even more bosses to challenge your loadout with.

Unless all interest in modding the title unexplainably drops, as many are eager to point out.

There’s still a possibility that Re-Logic picks up Terraria again in the future; they’ve dropped support once when it was well in its infancy, and then picked it back up which brought it a wild amount of fame. If they are planning something like this in the future, however, no one is squealing just yet.