The Four-Player Action/Horror Game “GTFO” Has Officially Hit Early Access

The Four-Player Action/Horror Game “GTFO” Has Officially Hit Early Access
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Early access provides a great way for gaming developers to get the resources and feedback they need to release their game properly without having to wait longer to do it. The catch is that there’s no such thing as a “finished early access” game, as it essentially works as an extended beta, meaning that bugs and glitches generally are plentiful in these titles. Still, it can be a great way to support a developer or game that you have faith in.

Such is the case with 10 Chambers Collective’s new action-horror game, GTFO, which just recently released in early access. The game isn’t finished yet and still has a great distance to go, but from what players are seeing, it’s already a rousing experience.

The basis is simple: Players work on teams of four to complete an objective in a horrific environment, often being stalked by something from the shadows. You have to use everything at your disposal to ensure that you can get out safely – which often isn’t how the game ends.

GTFO features a punishingly hard difficulty, as has been the trend for many games since Dark Souls decided to dominate the industry. It isn’t the type of game where you sprint in guns blazing and take down the baddie before getting to the exit. Instead, GTFO is a crushingly difficult game that will punish even the smallest of mistakes, forcing you to communicate and work with your team if you want the slightest hope of survival.

Currently, the early access contains six levels via the Rundown feature, a mode that regularly replaces older missions to keep things fresh. Players search a massive underground complex to solve their objective and attempt to make it back alive. You’ll adventure through an oppressively dark underground atmosphere, with music by the fantastic composer Simon Viklund to really drive home just how much danger you’re in.

In terms of what’s missing, you’ll need to bring your friends with you, as there’s no matchmaking system yet. All of the levels will be updated and replaced as time goes on as well. There’s also no voice-chat, so the developers recommend you make use of Discord, especially their own server, which helps to find more people to flesh out your team.

GTFO will be in early access for roughly a year, ending around this time in 2020. During that time the developers hope to add the missing systems and flesh out the game to provide an experience as difficult as it is horrifying. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, go and support the early access for GTFO ASAP!