Corsair Crystal Clear 570X Series For $30 Off; Level Up Your Gaming Station With Cutting-Edge PC Case

Corsair Crystal Clear 570X Series For $30 Off; Level Up Your Gaming Station With Cutting-Edge PC Case
Credit: Corsair

Amazon is taking $30 off the Corsair Crystal Clear 570x mid-tower case, which will surely level up your station.

The PC case is made of steel and tempered glass, which is a very durable material. It’s the same one used on mobile phones, which allow them to withstand abuse or a fall. The tempered glass surrounds the case–the front, sides, and the top. However, three panels come with an RGB controller, as well as RGB LED fans.

The mid-tower case from Corsair has enough room to accommodate six fans. You can put in there 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiators. There are also fan trays on the top and the front of the chassis. For a cleaner build, there are cable routing channels across the PC case, and cable management also includes velcro straps.

The PC case will showcase the internal build of your computer. This would be a good way to showcase the insides of your PC without opening it up.

The PC case is compatible with the ATX motherboard, up to 272mm, as well as the Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX. It has two bays for a 3.5-inch Hard Drive and two bays for a 2.5-inch Hard Drive.

As to the dimensions, the length is 480mm, the width is 234mm, and the height is 512mm.

It should be noted that glass is not really the best material to dissipate heat. Compared to steel, however, glass does seem to warm up slowly. But once it does, you need a way to vent that heat. In fact, benchmarks done on the Corsair mid-tower ATX showed that temperature consistently rises as the clock ticks by.

You need a powerful exhaust and cooling technology to prevent performance lag. This means that even if you do get a discounted price from Amazon, you have to spend more on after-market exhaust. Of course, people who love their own build would find a way to dissipate the heat for the Corsair Crystal Clear 570x.

The original price for the Corsair glass-tempered mid-tower case was $189, but you can buy it on Amazon now for $30. The pictures on the retailer don’t really do it justice. You can view the promotional video for the 570x here to better appreciate it.

Alternatively, you can also wait for Amazon Prime Day, which is just around the corner. Who knows, the retailer might offer an even bigger discount for this elegant PC case.