Cooler Master Unveils Their First Gaming Monitors: Cooler Master GM219-30 and GM219-35

Cooler Master Unveils Their First Gaming Monitors: Cooler Master GM219-30 and GM219-35
Credit: Vortez

Cooler Master is going big with its next venture into the gaming monitors market after the announcement of two monitors set for release late this year. The prototypes of Cooler Master GM219-30 and GM219-35 were all showcased during the 2019 Computex but didn’t get the attention they deserved. This is because industry leaders like ASUS ROG and LG had so much to share so as a new entrant, Cooler Master couldn’t have been the talk of the town.

The Cooler Master GM219 Series features two panel sizes; the smaller 30-inch model and a larger 35-inch both featuring 21:9 aspect ratio. The response time is 1ms, but it’s not confirmed whether this is G2G or MRPT. 1ms response time is a great feat but definitely not the best as fellow Taiwanese manufacturer AOC has released two monitors as well with 0.5ms response time.

Another feature the two monitors share is the Adaptive-Sync support for VRR, and that means they can both support Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. Both the GM219-35 and GM219-30 are based on a VA panel that delivers better image depth and contrast. However, when it comes to viewing angle and color reproduction, a VA panel isn’t usually the best.

The 30-inch Cooler Master gaming monitor boasts a 200Hz refresh rate with a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels. HDR support is not yet confirmed for this model.

On the other hand, the larger 35-inch Cooler Master will have a 120Hz refresh rate, and it’s confirmed that the model will support FreeSync 2.0. Definitely, this model will feature HDR as it is a requisite in FreeSync 2.0. The expansive 35-inch panel has a 3444 x 1440 pixels resolution.

The design of both models is outstanding and features very thin bezels, and a Color Master logo stand design. Remember, both panels are curved, thus matching the curvature of the gamer’s eyes.

Cooler Master is best known for their OEM products including computer cases, Nvidia and AMD cooling systems and EVGA motherboards, just to mention a few. Venturing into the gaming monitors market is a risky affair unless executed perfectly. But there’s no doubt however that the Taiwanese manufacturer will make it, especially if they offer the best prices.

Several sources, including Overclock3d, Techpowerup, and Tftcentral, indicate that the 30-inch Cooler Master GM219-30 will retail at around $400 whereas the larger 35-inch GM219-35 will set you back $1000. These prices are just speculative and bound to change upon the official release of the Cooler Master GM219-30 and GM219-35.