Bless Unleashed Is Now Available On The PS4

Bless Unleashed Is Now Available On The PS4
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Any time a game gets put on a platform for free, that’s an offering worth celebrating. At no cost, gamers can check out a game that might be under the radar or a title they had no prior plans of playing.

If you enjoy multiplayer MMO experiences and play on the PS4, then you might want to look into Bless Unleashed by Round 8 Studios. It’s out now on the platform for free, which means now is the perfect time to jump in on the open-world action and engage in some epic battles/adventures with others.

The game has a lot of fantasy-like elements based on what has been shown of the monsters and landscapes you’ll have the pleasure of navigating around. The open-ended design gives added depth to your adventures. What you discover and who you come in contact with is always a mystery, and that excitement will stay with you however many times you decide to come back.

Players have the chance to level up their character and collect meaningful loot, as is typically the case with most online MMOs. Where Bless Unleashed looks particularly unique is the storytelling elements. You have a grand tale to look forward to where your actions shape how everything plays out.

There is thus added wait and that isn’t typically a characteristic of a free-to-play game. Usually, the stories are pretty basic and then you’re left to do whatever you please with a grinding system at play.

That doesn’t seem to be the case for Bless Unleashed. It appears the developer wanted to make players care just as much about the story as their own character progression. That could be this game’s ticket to gaining a large following on the PS4 early on.

There is also an emphasis on help from the gods. Your lands are in shambles and you’ll have to rely on deities to help you put back the pieces. Who are these gods and what are their true intensions with your story arch? These questions make Bless Unleashed a pretty unique MMO that should provide hours of content.

You can go out exploring a diverse type of environments, from deserted lands to areas filled to the brim in trees. How your story unfolds is completely up to you. Do you go to battle and complete quests alone or do you join up in a party? That’s completely up to you if you download this game for free on your PS4.