Starstruck: Hands of Time Is Planning To Release On PS4 And Steam Sometime Next Year

Starstruck: Hands of Time Is Planning To Release On PS4 And Steam Sometime Next Year
Credit: Steam XO

Prepare to enjoy a unique genre-defying diorama musical as you watch a giant hand rewrite the entirety of history. Starstruck: Hands of Time is a unique musical experience where players explore a miniature diorama world as two guitarists. Rampage across the city as a giant destructive time-travelling hand of doom.

This title focuses on a mysterious force simply called “The Mold.” This manifestation is set out to corrupt all life as they know it. Only the moon colonist from the year 30XX can stop them. Travel through time as you take up the guitar of Edwin and Dawn and jam through several exciting levels.

In the distant future of 30XX EArth has been destroyed. In its place is a repressed facade of what was corrupted by The Mold. Players must save the world by traveling back in time to stop a pivotal moment in Earth’s history. Armed with their own hand, a spaceship, and knowledge they plan to save the world with a rock.

These two musical children find out that their entire fate is bound to the planet. By playing guitar they create a genre-spanning soundtrack that will create a unique journey around them. Jam from one place to another as players enjoy a unique path and story about idolization.

Enjoy rampaging around the town as a massive human hand. Stomp around, solve puzzles, and open new paths as you change the world to save your own. Switch between perspectives as you slowly uncover the truth behind Earth’s fate.

This title fully supports controller play allowing the player to enjoy the title in whatever way is most comfortable. Choose between two difficulties as you determine how hard the varying rhythm challenges will really be.

There are three intertwined adventures in this title. Each one switches perspectives and helps solve puzzles that will eventually change the entire future of humanity.

Rock out to their amazing soundtrack and enjoy the fast-paced destructive action of a massive human hand. The soundtrack comes from acclaimed composer Andrew Allanson and features live instruments and vocals across several genres.

There is already a demo available for StarStruck Hands of Time, but the game is planning a full release next year. The title comes from Ctreatedelic LLC and is a unique indie project that will impress even the most stubborn of music fans.

Enjoy a change of pace, a chance of time, and a chance in the scenery as you enter a unique claymation world.