Truck Driver’s Hidden Places And Damage System DLC Is Available Now

Truck Driver’s Hidden Places And Damage System DLC Is Available Now
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There’s something pretty relaxing about hopping into a big rig in a video game and carrying out hauls for clients. You get the thrills of a trucking career, but don’t have to deal with real-life dangers out on the road.

There have been a lot of these games over the years, but one of the better offerings is Truck Driver. It has been available for more than a year now and in that time, players have grown to love its authentic details and graphics.

Like real-life truckers do, Truck Driver lets you drive all kinds of rigs and transport a diverse selection of cargo. Your reputation is on the line as you try to go from the bottom to the top, achieving a long-term career in this competitive industry.

Truck Driver has received consistent DLC content since launching. A new update is out now actually called Hidden Places and Damage System. One of the more promising design changes it has brought to this truck simulator is a new damage feature. It’s now much more realistic.

After an impact with objects or another vehicle, your truck and others will show visible damage. That adds weight to your hauls and makes you not want to be so careless. Damage systems are an integral part of simulators because they bring forth added immersion. The new system should make Truck Driver a much more realistic and better experience overall.

The update also introduces gamers to new locations. They’re secret as to give players a fun challenge of finding them throughout their trucking adventures. Should you be lucky or skilled enough to come across one, you’ll earn rewards for your hard work.

Also, this latest DLC has added a couple of new vehicles. For example, now there is a minibus and a tow truck. They each handle differently and that should give you new systems to master other than just large semi-trucks.

Overall, this latest update seems to be full of goodies that take this simulator to the next level in realism and excitement. The game has already had a great start and if the developer can keep pumping out these updates, there doesn’t appear to be a limit in sight.

Whether you want to complete challenges or see what a day in the life of a trucker is like, Truck Driver is a game that will test your driving skills and provide a lot of satisfaction.