Eve Echoes Now Has An Official Release Date For This Mobile MMO

Eve Echoes Now Has An Official Release Date For This Mobile MMO
Credit: CCP

Eve Echoes has been watched by both the MMO community and the mobile gaming community. The idea of bringing the massive Eve Online to a mobile community is revolutionary and ambitious. Members of both communities are hoping that this game will not only stay on schedule but be just as impactful as expected to mobile gaming.

The game is on schedule to release on Mid-August. After the final round of betas have ended at the end of this month, players will have their eyes set on the release date. Get ready to pilot your own ship in a brand new galaxy that matches the size of the infamous Eve Online

Eve Echoes takes after Eve Online and moves its revolutionary PC standard to mobile systems. The massive audience of Eve Online combined with the portability of a mobile system can bring about a new age in MMO gaming.

This title operates as a massive immersive space sandbox. It contains all the features, options, and controls of Eve Online but brings a portable system to it. Forge a path to glory through a massive sandbox environment.

Enjoy the options of interstellar combat, piracy, resource harvesting, trade, and more as you travel across thousands of solar systems. See the rise and fall of empires and become a part of mobile gaming history.

One of the star features of this title is the permanence of the universe around you. With so many other players there is a true impact to every decision. Join an ever-growing community and engage in events of unprecedented scale.

Create your own adventure and find our place in this unique mobile experience. As you make galactic history you will be able to choose how you want to live in this unique universe. Whether your an intergalactic merchant or a weapon for hire there is a place for every player and playstyle in this wide galactic world.

There is a dedicated community already formed around this title. For more information be sure to follow Eve Echoes on Facebook and Twitter or join their official Discord. There is also an official website live full of information for potential space pioneers to learn about the galaxy before joining this massive revolutionary experience.

Pre-registration has begun. Players will be able to find Eve Echoes available on both iOS and Android devices on August 13. Get your ship ready and prepare for a limitless journey full of opportunity.