Alpha 3.10 Update In Star Citizen Gives More Content To The Online Space Simulator As Crowdfunding Continues To Grow

Alpha 3.10 Update In Star Citizen Gives More Content To The Online Space Simulator As Crowdfunding Continues To Grow
Credit: Wiol via YouTube

Star Citizen is a constantly growing project that moves closer to its pictured self. As crowdfunding continues to grow Cloud Imperium Games continues to pump more money into perfecting their title. This game grew from a dream to one of the best online space simulators on the market.

The video released showcases in-game brands within the world that will set the parameters for weapons, ships, and products. This will give a multibillion-dollar company within the game’s lore a deeper setting a place among many of the already popular guides.

There is tons of information available in several videos put out by the developers of Star Citizens. The developers have released an extensive Q&A Session with director Todd Papy and John Crewe. They discuss the upcoming alpha update in detail, which should currently be on the PTU. All backers will receive their copy soon enough.

The Alpha update adds new shops to New Babbage. This spaceport will now sell souvenirs and knick knicks galore. There is also a Factory Line flagship store for MicroTech. Purchase top of the line products like MobiGlas and Simpods from this unique store.

The AI combat had some improvements to give it a more engaging experience. The NPC bartenders have also been updated with additional interactions allowing players a chance to include additional animations and audio.

Players are now able to send currency to each other and the law system has received an update. Enjoy new Electron Damage along with other features that will improve ships, gunnery, and targets.

New skins along with a revised M50 have been added to the game. There are updates reaching weapons, items, and much more all available for players to enjoy.

As for some minor features. The game’s ocean shader has been improved and there are improvements tot he game’s planetary heightmaps. Take advantage of the higher resolution on all topographical features.

This game is constantly changing. Recently, the title has over 2.7 million registered accounts and the crowdfunding total is above $306 million. As players flood to this title and grow to be a part of the community, the developers simply turn their money into more improvements to this engaging title.

Star Citizen is a PC exclusive title. As the game continue to grow, players will see more features and options to become whoever they want to be in this unique space game. Become a member of a massive community, and officially become a Star Citizen.