Billion Beat Is Headed To Steam Early Access On January 6th

Billion Beat Is Headed To Steam Early Access On January 6th
Credit: Steam XO

From indie developer Dronami comes a unique skill-based boxing experience titled Billion Beat. This title introduces players to a boxing experience that they are sure to not forget. Fight through a gauntlet of battles as you take on multiple enemies in a bizarre world. This unique title combines gruesome boxing cage fights, with cartoonish villains that are ready to be beat down.

Interestingly, this title has a free playable demo available on the developer website for anyone interested. Simply visit the site and download the title for a chance to experience a bizarre boxing environment with monstrous enemies to take on.

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It is time to Billion Beat as you enter a brutal boxing bonanza. This is a title that will challenge you to box against a wide arrange of strange baddies as you slowly gain muscle, powers, and more. Customize your boxer and take on enemy after enemy in an attempt to earn mega cash.

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This title is a deep and challenging skill-based boxing experience. Master deep and nuanced combat as you explore a combat system that rewards well-timed attacks. There is an extensive move-set to learn, and by crafting unique techniques players can unleash powered attacks upon their enemies.

Players must take on a gauntlet of hand-crafted bosses with multiple forms per battle. Take on each unique and challenging encounter as things slowly get more difficult with every passing fight.

Make sure to make the fight entertaining. The more hype the crowd gets, the more money you will make. This means that you should learn the hyper versions of your attacks in an effort to make the crowd go wild while still doing good damage.

Still, this is a game of fighting, skill, and winning. Bet on the chances of your win, ante up before the match, and suffer the consequences of a loss in more than just defeat.

Players will enjoy a unique combat engine with full damage modeling. Enemies will lost teeth, gain a black eye, and have their glasses knocked off in a unique and driving fashion. Enjoy beating enemies to a pulp in a unique battle simulation.

This title is good for players who enjoy violence. This is not suitable for children as it contains violence, gambling, and many other mature themes. Among the fact that the final boss is M rated, players should be warned that this is a very adult-oriented title.

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Billion Beat is currently planning a launch into Steam Early Access as of January 6th.