Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm And Exercise First Day Update Adds “Devil” Mode In Japan

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm And Exercise First Day Update Adds “Devil” Mode In Japan
Credit: Fitness Boxing 2 via Nintendo

Imagineer released Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise on December 4. The game was released in both digital and physical form, but both required an update upon purchase.

The update may take around 5-30 minutes, depending on internet speed. The update contains the first free DLC content, which is “Devil” mode. This mode allows players to play 33 varieties of difficult and fast-paced courses to challenge those already familiar with the game.

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“Devil Mode” is a more intense difficulty mode for those who want a tougher workout. The developer released a new video showcasing the mode, plus the instructors working out twice as hard.

While the update is available now, it’s unclear if this is a mode only for Japan or was included with the global launch. There’s no option to select it in the main settings or within the workout. This may only be a Japan-only setting for now or have a specific way to unlock it that is not yet known.

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Fitness Boxing 2 is very similar to the previous game. The only differences are adding the number of instructors to nine and adding new background music based on popular songs. The songs don’t have song lyrics so that players can hear the instructors.

Players can play together with a friend as long as they have two detachable Joy-Cons since the game is not able to play with a Nintendo Switch Lite on its own.

The first game in the series became quickly popular in 2020 and celebrated over one million sales across the globe since its launch in 2018. The game was popular with those who wanted to become more active quickly since the title was available as a digital download and only required the Joy-Cons to play.

The additional boost in sales is also due to Ring Fit Adventure becoming more difficult to find. The game requires a unique “Ring-Con” plus a thigh-strap to play, so most players had to purchase the physical edition.

Fitness Boxing 2 does have additional issues that will hopefully be resolved in future updates as well. Transferring all data from the first game or the demo is not entirely available, as soon report not being able to transfer their demo progress or basic information to keep progress.

A free demo for Fitness Boxing 2 is available now. The demo contains three “Daily Workouts,” ten “Freestyle Mode” workouts, and access to all instructors and backgrounds.

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Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise is now available on the Nintendo Switch.