Tanuki Justice Is A Cute Raccoon Based Run-And-Gun Experience Headed For Nintendo Switch

Tanuki Justice Is A Cute Raccoon Based Run-And-Gun Experience Headed For Nintendo Switch
Credit: Tanuki Justice

From developer Wonderboy Bobi comes a unique title of raccoon based justice. Take on the role of a Tanuki and defeat enemies from all sides as you avoid danger in a bullet hell platforming experience. This game is best experienced either solo or with friends as they battle through a unique Asian inspired world.

This game promises to be a continuous and intensive run’n gun experience that follows the adventures of a tanuki brother and sister. As you face down the enemies in feudal Japan, you must battle through unique landscapes full of fast music, difficult situations, and high-speed action.

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This title is a dynamic Tanuki experience with visuals that fit its strange and evolving atmosphere. Enjoy a uniquely animated feudal japan as you take on different enemies in Tanuki Justice. This is a crime-fighting spree for the best as it includes familiar trends mixed with unique situations.

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Fight over a dozen different enemy types all themed to the overall Japanese theme. This is a unique Tanuki experience that has been carefully crafted to provide intense combat sequences.

Use classic shurikens for basic combat and enjoy the use of giant shuriken for the more tedious and difficult situations. This unique title will have you fighting crime and gaining justice over an unfair and overused system.

The story follows the adventures of a tanuki brother and sister. Explore the varied environments, retro music, and arcade vibes as you enjoy rich and spectacular situations.

This title can be played in both a single-player and two-player mode. Take on all the challenges or bring a friend and split the difficulty as a fantastic dynamic duo.

This game is designed to be a difficult challenge for even the most skilled and determined players. Enjoy intense combat but watch the clock as time can be a very real and difficult enemy.

Jump, dash and throw. This title is great for players of all ages, but be warned that it may be difficult for younger audiences to get a handle on. The classic design means that this game comes with a classic understanding of in-game difficulty.

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Tanuki Justice is set to release on December 10th for Nintendo Switch fans. It is unclear if this game will be porting to other platforms, but at least fans can be sure that the title will take advantage of the dual controller support found in the Nintendo Switch game system.