Among Us Gets An Official Twitter Account And Hints At An Upcoming Map To Be Revealed

Among Us Gets An Official Twitter Account And Hints At An Upcoming Map To Be Revealed
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Innersloth came out with the title Among Us on November 16, 2018; now, two and a half years later, it has taken off like a pandemic with a low cost of entry ($4.99) and with streamers playing the title en-masse.

Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez enjoyed a brief stint on Twitch where she enjoyed the title with friendly streamers while simply encouraging the younger demographic of Twitch to get out and make their votes count. What are the developers at Innersloth to do when their title that was a sleeper hit on launch becomes one of the most-played games in the world, seemingly overnight?

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They support the hell out of it.

They’ve already canceled the plans to bring Among Us 2 out, instead promising lasting support of the sudden hit without further gouging players with incremental purchases for recycled assets (in spite of 2K and EA’s history showing that users will continue to purchase it).

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Now, they’ve got a brand-spanking-new official Twitter account (verified and all) and they’re already hinting that even more is in the works for the fantastic crewmates that continue to shuffle across the galaxy while doing tasks and hoping they don’t get murdered.

They aren’t revealing all of their cards at the moment, however: if you want the scoop the moment it becomes available, you’ll need to watch The Game Awards on December 10, where Innersloth is hinting they have a much larger reveal planned. Some are speculating that it could be a console release (although the communication would be difficult), others that it’s a new game mode entirely.

It’s no secret that Among Us has been doing extremely well as of late, although there are specific areas that will hopefully be accounted for in the upcoming reveal: namely, the fact that people instantly quit matches when they load in and aren’t the imposter.

A cooldown before players can re-queue into matches, a punishment system for lobby-hopping until they can be the imposter, or literally any other form of restriction to stop the rising issue would be, frankly speaking, extremely welcomed.

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Other rumors regarding different game modes, colorblind support, and new roles for players to adopt are all similarly currently up for speculation, at least until The Game Awards finishes late on December 10.

What is known, however, is that Innersloth is clearly gripping the reins tightly on their sudden popularity of Among Us, and players have very little reason to be concerned regarding support suddenly dropping for the title, or a sudden sinister transaction-laden scheme being placed upon them.