The Social Deduction Game Among Us Has A New Patch Out Now

The Social Deduction Game Among Us Has A New Patch Out Now
Credit: Innersloth via YouTube

You would be hard-pressed to find a more addicting social multiplayer game than Among Us. It has a simple, yet pleasing design that gamers can’t get enough of. That’s impressive because it’s not even a new game. It has been out since 2018.

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It has seen an incredible resurgence on Steam, featuring overwhelmingly positive reviews from almost every gamer that has had the pleasure of playing it. There are a lot of great elements, particularly the imposter aspect. You’re either part of the crew just trying to get their ship ready for departure.

Or, you’re an impostor and you’re only goal is to kill off the crew members one by one. It’s the ultimate ‘who done it’ game of cat and mouse, where players get to do everything they can to come out on top. A new patch for Among Us just came out on Monday, which adds a lot of cool features.

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One of these is a symbol aid for those that are color blind. There is a task where crew members have to connect different colored wires together, which as you might expect, is nearly impossible if you can’t differentiate colors. Now, symbols are there to represent distinction between wires as to help visually impaired gamers figure out what’s what.

An update to accessories also is now available. Players in the discussion lobby that have unique accessories selected can now show off they’re swag. It’s a great personalization adjustment that gives players added incentive to deck out their characters.

This new update is just the tip of the iceberg as far as future plans for Among Us. Still in store are player accounts. They have been a highly requested feature for the longest time now because of the heavy cheating activity.

It was naturally going to get bad at some point, but for some, it’s to the point of frustration. Player accounts would give players the chance to report those that don’t follow the rules or act out in a negative way. Also on deck is a new map, which should make Among Us all the more diverse for players that have enjoyed the action already.

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If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out the sensation that is Among Us, you can jump in and have an amazing time. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s all about having fun with others and seeing who can best who on either side.