Two New Silent Hill Games Are Reportedly On The Way, According To Rumor Mill

Two New Silent Hill Games Are Reportedly On The Way, According To Rumor Mill
Credit: GamingBolt via YouTube

Silent Hill fans have come to expect disappointment these past few years. Time and time again, rumors gain momentum about the possibility of a new Silent Hill installment in the works.

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Silent Hills (P.T.) showed the most potential and had a lot of traction that led to the development of a playable demo. Unfortunately, Hideo Kojima and Konami weren’t able to get on the same page and the project ceased development. That’s a shame because it had a lot of great immersion and novelty, which a lot of future horror games gained inspiration from.

Then rumors kicked back up signs of life for the horror series, with the possibility of a complete remake. Nothing turned up and fans have waited ever since for something official — either from Hideo Kojima or perhaps Konami.

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Now, the rumors of two new Silent Hill games being in development are back. This time, the reports come from a supposed insider by the name of AestheticGamer on Twitter. You might remember their previous leak about a new Silent Hill game being developed for the PS5.

They’re back at it with a firm belief of not one, but two Silent Hill games being considered. There are no official reports from any publisher or developer so it’s hard to get too excited about what this insider is reporting.

A PS5 version makes complete sense. What better way to bring back this classic survival-horror series than to introduce it on the PS5, which features a lot of great specs that would further the series along in modern ways?

According to AestheticGamer, the second game is going in a completely different direction. It could be a multiple platform game developed by two different companies. Again, there are no real facts to back up these claims — but wouldn’t it be exciting to have two new Silent Hill games available to the public?

Fans have waited patiently and deserve something to look forward to in the Silent Hill franchise. It still has a loyal following thanks to this series’ iconic atmosphere, beautiful soundtrack, and emotionally-gripping stories. Very rarely do you get a horror game that really moves a player like the Silent Hill franchise does.

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There are still so many great stories to be told and great gameplay mechanics to feature in a modern installment. For now, we’ll just have to wait for something official from Sony, Konami, or perhaps another developer. Hopefully, fans aren’t kept waiting too much longer!