Tekken 6 Will Be Available For Free In January For Those With Xbox Live Gold

Tekken 6 Will Be Available For Free In January For Those With Xbox Live Gold
Credit: IGN via YouTube

We’re almost coming up on Christmas, a time when families gather around to take part in the season of giving. Appropriately, it’s also almost that time that Xbox Live Gold members look forward to: The first of the month when they can pick up a bunch of new games.

The list for January was just revealed and there is quite a bit of variety. However, one that stands out the most is Tekken 6 from Bandai Namco Games.  It’s one of the better fighting games of this generation and completely free if you have an Xbox Live Gold membership.

Tekken 6 first appeared in the arcades and was then ported over to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It’s the sixth main installment in the iconic fighter series. The gameplay in this installment is much better than previous games.

For starters, the environments that you do battles around are very interactive. There are portions that can crumble and give way to new fighting areas, a design that has never been present in a Tekken game before. It makes combat that much more unique as you never really know what to expect throughout each battle.

A new rage system was also introduced in Tekken 6. As soon as your character’s health gets low, a rage feature is enabled that gives you extra damage per hit. You thus have a better shot at staying alive compared to if this rage system didn’t exist. It makes the multiplayer matches particularly interesting because even if you’re down, rage can keep you in the match for an epic comeback.

The single-player campaign is unique in that it features a beat’em up style of gameplay. It centers around a character named Lars , who ventures off on a journey with a robot named Alisa in hopes of recovering truths about his identify. As you progress, you’ll earn a lot of cool items and will get to enhance different skill domains of any character you want. Thus, there is plenty of content to enjoy when you’re not just enjoying the single matches against AI or online opponents.

Like a lot of the other Tekken games, there are so many characters to choose from. All of the usual suspects are back, but there are a few new faces that are certainly a welcomed addition. If you enjoy the fighting genre, then Tekken 6 certainly will have you entertained for hours no matter what mode you end up checking out.