The Christmas Steam Sale Has Begun, Offering Deals For Everyone Regardless Of Behavior This Year

The Christmas Steam Sale Has Begun, Offering Deals For Everyone Regardless Of Behavior This Year
Credit: Valve via Steam

It’s the time of year where our wallets cry for a reprieve, and discretionary spending is at an all-time high.  Yet enough about the citizens capitulating to yet another incoming recession; the Winter Steam Sale has begun again, giving users around the world a chance to immerse themselves in worlds that are far less (or more, depending on taste) dystopic than the one we live in.  With deals to be found in spades everywhere you look, there’s little reason not to throw wads of cash at Valve yet again.

The Winter Steam Sale is consistently considered to be one of the best sales that the company Valve offers on its gaming platform, typically rivaled only by the Steam Summer Sale in terms of the number of titles on sale, and the residual cost of the individual titles after steep discounts.

This Steam sale started kind of rocky, however; it seems that whomever was responsible for the layout of the Steam Store Featured section got parts of their layout mixed up, resulting in some titles not being visible to the majority of users.  There’s more than one way to skin a cat on the platform, however, so users can adjust their searching methods to something that is a bit more usable until Valve updates their Store.

Along with the sale, users can also vote once again on the nominees in the Steam Awards.  This differs from the past awards from the Autumn Sale, as Valve has aggregated the top award finalists from Autumn and placed them all in their respective categories.

Granted, some titles don’t make a ton of sense in regards to the category they’ve been nominated for, but that’s the nature of the beast when the community all receives a vote, as we’ve seen time and again in politics.

Take note that Valve’s ever-popular Steam platform will be tremendously slow to load for a while, and persistence and patience will pay off.  The servers get a bit overloaded every time Valve beings one of their sales, as international audiences flock to the storefront searching for the biggest sales possible.

It typically dies down within six hours of launch, so if it won’t let you load, give it a bit of time.

With the sheer number of titles all on various sales, it’s a wise time to take a look at your Steam Wishlists.  Even more so with Steam’s Featured Page currently struggling, your Wishlist gives users an easy way to track titles that you’re interested in while waiting for a price drop.

Regardless of how you choose to sort through an egregious offering of games on steep discounts, one thing is sure; tis’ the season to be spending.