Nikto Operator Bundle Is Jammed Full Of In-Game Items For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Players, Including Multiple New Weapons

Nikto Operator Bundle Is Jammed Full Of In-Game Items For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Players, Including Multiple New Weapons
Credit: Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Season One received a bunch of new content with the latest update and including in the that was the addition of the Nikto Operator Bundle. It’s available in the store right now and is full of great additions that can be used by any gamer.

Here is the Nikto bundle promo tweet from the official Call of Duty Twitter account:

Nikto is the second operator that has become available this season, the first being Mara which gamers unlock instantly when they start the Modern Warfare Battle Pass. Nikto is a former Russian FSB deep cover agent that has now joined the Allegiance forces’ Spetsnaz.

Call of Duty gamers can purchase the Nikto Operator Bundle for 2400 Call of Duty Points (CP), which is roughly equated to $24 USD. CP is the in-game currency that players can buy through the Call of Duty shop.

There are incentives to buying this bundle as it comes with an assortment of different in-game items that gamers can start using right away. First, and most obviously, it comes with the operator Nikto. The tweet also mentions the addition of the Eradication and Quick Hit blueprints.

The gamer will receive a few new weapons, including the assault rifle Cerulean, the handgun Blue Dwarf, and the knife Negotiation. There is also a new cosmetic feature as well; the digital watch called Father Time. Furthermore, gamers can enjoy a new killing move and quip to really stick it to their rivals.

Gamers will get a new Calling Card called Embers, featuring, you guessed it, flames, as well as the Masked Watch Emblem. Lastly, players will receive one Tier Skip when they purchase the Nikto Operator Bundle, which allows them to bypass one Tier, moving on to the next one and receiving the reward associated with the skipped Tier.

Another bundle was released as well; the holiday-themed Holideadly Bundle is now selling in the store for 1100 CP. It features two new Operator Skins, an assault rifle called Krampus, a Festive charm, two new Calling Cards, a Christmas-themed Emblem, and two Tier Skips.

It looks like Infinity Ward and Activision are really pushing the microtransactions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, hoping to replicate the success of games like Fortnite and Rocket League.

Those two games have indeed done a fantastic job making their gamers care about the new items available in the respective game stores. Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, releases new in-game items almost every day, and they make millions a year off purchases, something that the Call of Duty developers would love to achieve.