Starbase Is Headed To Steam’s Early Access Program; Offers Open-Ended Tools For Creation And Exploration

Starbase Is Headed To Steam’s Early Access Program; Offers Open-Ended Tools For Creation And Exploration
Credit: FrozenbyteGames via Youtube

The unique space exploration game Starbase is heading to Early Access on Steam. This is great news if you’re a fan of massive open-world multiplayers, where creativity is rewarded. The game is being developed by Frozenbyte. They’ve kept their nose to the grindstone for many years now on this project.

The game is unique in that it gives players the ability to construct entire spaceships from scratch. It’s an in-depth design that should lead to hours of fun tinkering and trying out different ideas. It won’t be as easy as putting together whole parts, either.

Instead, you’ll have to design spaceships down to the very bolt. Just thinking about this freedom is intimidating and intriguing. How your spaceship can take damage is also pretty detailed. Each section can suffer malfunctions, and it will be up to you to troubleshoot the issue and devise a repair.

You even have the opportunity to divert power and electricity to the right sections, keeping the spaceship balanced as much as you can. A poor decision can result in serious errors during flight. For example, if the landing pad isn’t set up properly, serious malfunctions will occur when you try to land.

You don’t have much room for error when it comes to designing your spaceship, and that’s the beauty of Starbase. It’s one of the most authentic space simulators you can find today. Space exploration is also highlighted in a major way.

You’ll spend a majority of your time progressing through outer space. The further you travel, the more resources and rewards you’ll find. When you first start out, you take control of a pretty slow ship. You thus have added motivation to explore the various Mega Stations that are included in this game.

How you get around is another major challenge, as you don’t have unlimited fuel. You’ll have to plan out your space exploration perfectly. All the while, you have to watch out for opposing players. They can cause severe damage to your ship and then scrap pieces to put on their own spacecraft. There is plenty of competition despite how vast these open-world environments are.

Already, it seems like Starbase is an in-depth game with plenty of content to enjoy. You could spend hours perfecting your craft and searching for better equipment and accessories. It should be a game that you could play for months and still find enjoyment in it.