Stalker 2 Has New In-Engine Gameplay Footage Out Now

Stalker 2 Has New In-Engine Gameplay Footage Out Now
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The original Stalkeris heavily praised for its horror elements, featuring mutated creatures created after the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power explosion. It also has a lot of atmosphere, which is always the mark of a stellar horror shooter.

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Stalker released back in 2007 so it goes without saying: Fans have been looking forward to a sequel. They’re fortunately getting it in Stalker 2. Ever since it was announced, suspense has been building.

How can the developer improve upon an already great recipe? What new mutated threats will there be and how will gameplay be better now that next-gen consoles are out? These questions have circulated throughout the Stalker community, but fortunately, there is a new trailer out now.

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Even better, it’s actual in-engine gameplay footage that gives fans a taste of how Stalker 2 will look. The trailer features more of The Zone, which you might remember if you played the original. It’s basically an area where the Chernobyl disaster occurred, so naturally, it’s teeming with danger and ever-evolving threats.

It’s clear in the first few seconds of the in-engine footage that Stalker 2 will have a lot of visually appealing environments to move through and overcome. You really get a sense of desperation in the air as well as suspense as you never know what could be creeping up in the distance.

Then at the end, objects and debris start levitating upward as to signal ‘artifacts’ being near. They’re basically what other stalkers are after as to gain special powers. The trailer doesn’t last very long, but at least we finally have some idea of what this sequel will be like.

The developer GSC Game World has a lot of expectations to meet, which isn’t a bad thing because it just means gamers loved what they achieved in the original. Still, they want to come through in a big way and will be looking to expand upon the game in more ways than one.

Currently, Stalker 2 is scheduled to release sometime in 2021 for the Xbox Series X and PC. If you have Xbox Game Pass, then you’ll be able to pick it up at no charge on day one of its release.

The original had a lot of great things going for it, from the creepy environments to the mutated creatures that had a lot of diversity. If the developer is able to keep their momentum going strong heading into the new year, then survival-horror fans are surely in for a treat.

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It’s also reassuring the developer has had plenty of time to figure out ways to improve upon the series. Let’s just hope this first in-engine look isn’t the last of the teases because there is so much more to discover leading up to the 2021 release.