Skyrim: Youtuber Heavy Burns Transforms the Game Into Something New Using Mods

Skyrim: Youtuber Heavy Burns Transforms the Game Into Something New Using Mods
Credit: Bethesda via Youtube

For some, the game of Skyrim is just as beloved as the day that it came out. Radiant quests and random encounters ensure there is something sort of new to do every day since its 2011 release. However, there is no denying that the game isn’t as shiny new as it once was.

Luckily, for those out there who are itching for a fresh experience while still playing the beloved game of Skyrim, there is a dedicated community of modders releasing all sorts of content to change the way you play the game. These mods are mostly uploaded and shared between users on a site called Nexus Mods.

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One Youtuber by the name of Heavy Burns, has decided to see just how far these mods can take you in his “Transforming Skyrim,” series. This content creator started the series for Skyrim only back earlier this year in March, with the latest episode coming out only a few days ago.

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This series is mainly about changing Skyrim to better fit another genre of game (like horror) or even to emulate another popular series such as Dragon Age. Each video focuses on adjusting the content already present in the game, or even adding new fanmade content into it, which focuses on the center transformation theme.

In the Dragon Age video, for example, Heavy Burns features mods that add followers from Dragon Age into Skyrim like the Morrigan from Dragon Age – Standalone Follower Mod by Raxys. There are also mods that add Dragon Age weapons and armor, as well as miscellaneous gameplay changing mods like Dragon Age Spells Redux by powerofthree.

The series currently has around 14 episodes, ranging from turning Skyrim into a Norse Valhalla game, to trying to emulate the Harry Potter universe within the fantasy title. Mods are broken down into different categories, such as visual, audio, armor, and quest mods, and are conveniently listed in each video description.

As such, the Transforming Skyrim series is perfect for those looking for a new Skyrim series to follow, or for those that are wanting a fresh playthrough of the game. Even though the wait for the next Elder Scrolls game seems endless, we can content ourselves with completely reimagining the world of Skyrim in the meantime.

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Speaking of reimagining Skyrim, make sure to check back here for all of the latest Skyrim modding information. There are many exciting projects going on in the community right now, including the ambitious Beyond Skyrim set.