Secret Files 3 Has Been Ported To The Nintendo Switch By Animation Arts

Secret Files 3 Has Been Ported To The Nintendo Switch By Animation Arts
Credit: Steam XO

Secret Files 3 has ported over to Nintendo Switch. This is the 6th game in the series of successful spy adventures created by Animation Arts. The game picks up where the last one left off with Nina at her wedding when suddenly a SWAT team burst in and kidnaps her groom.

With no knowledge of the operation by the local authorities, she is left wondering who has kidnapped her Max. Scattered around she keeps encountering the number Pi and slowly uncovers a full secret that leads to strange answers. It is up to the players to advance through this unique crime story as you find one of four possible endings.

Secret Files 3 spells the return of the Secret Files franchise as players regroup with the dream couple Max and Nina. Adventure awaits in the third game of the franchise as players have to solve a unique riddle that will mean the difference between loss and happily ever after.

This classic point and click adventure features a movie-quality storyline mixed with a variety of unique locations. Travel the wo0rld as you investigate several unique variations of strange encounters.

This game takes after its predecessors as players pick up after Secret Files: Tunguska and Secret Files 2. By combining the gripping story with an entertaining gameplay solution fans can experience logic puzzles mixed with simple yet great graphics.

This game’s third chapter comes with a support team of authors from NEOS Film who have worked on TV and movie productions. They now take part in the plot, drama, and progress of the character as players watch the evolution of the story.

This adventure stretches way further than just the present as it sets players against a puzzle that takes place in both the past and future. Depending on the choices that players make, there are several alternate endings waiting for fans to discover.

It is up to you if this ends well or not. As you experience a cinematic hunt across continents, find out why everything connects to the number Pi, Archimedes, and the Da Vinci Code.

For more information players can explore the game’s steam page. Secret Files 3 is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.