Riot Games Released More Minion-Themed Merchandise In Their League Of Legends Store Recently

Riot Games Released More Minion-Themed Merchandise In Their League Of Legends Store Recently
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

It’s time to celebrate Summoner’s Rift’s bravest champions in style. Riot Games released a new merchandise collection yesterday centered entirely around League of Legends’ minions. The set includes a new figurine, a pair of slippers, a hat, and collectible pins.

As part of Series Three, the Minion Mayhem figure stands 3.8 inches tall and features a caster, melee, and cannon minion as they lead the charge to the enemy Nexus. Each of the minions ride on the back of the cannon while the melee minion thrusts his sword forward. The figurine sells for $25.

For those who enjoy destroying the enemy Nexus in comfort, Riot has you covered. The developer added two new clothing items to the store, including a red minion hat and slippers. Each item sells for $20 and comes in one size.

There are two pin packs included in the collection: one for blue-side minions and one featuring red minions. Each pack features three pins, including two caster minions and one melee minion, for $20.

Recently Riot dropped Spirit Blossom merchandise as well, which was widely accepted by the community. In honor of the game’s Spirit Blossom skin line, Riot Games launched a new set of clothing and accessories in its online merchandise store today for fans to collect.

The collection includes two hoodies, a haori, a gi bomber jacket, a Spirit Blossom Riven figure, and two unique pin packs. Additionally, splash arts for all nine Spirit Blossom skins—including the four scheduled to release in Patch 10.16—have joined the store’s supply of posters.

Fans can now pre-order the special edition Spirit Blossom Riven figure for $25. The item stands at 5.3 inches tall and features the champion surrounded by pink flowers. The pre-order ends on Aug. 31 and the figure is expected to ship on Oct. 31.

The Spirit Blossom hoodies, which sell for $60, come in black and white and feature a floral design on the front. Both hoodies come with teal and lilac gradient drawcords and sport the Spirit Blossom name down one sleeve with the skin line’s logo on the hood. The Spirit Blossom Festival Haori and the Spirit Blossom Thresh Premium Gi Bomber sell for $95 and $120, respectively. Both pin packs come with three pins and sell for $20 each. Pack one includes Spirit Blossom Teemo, Kindred, and Lillia, while the second pack comes with a Spirit Blossom mask, a Spirit Blossom Teemo mushroom, and Spirit Blossom Ahri as a fox.

The new items join the store’s older minion-themed merch, including two plushies, a set of T-shirts, and a mousepad. Fans can find the full collection in Riot’s online store.