MAD Lions Secured The First League European Championship Playoff Spot Following Win Over Origen

MAD Lions Secured The First League European Championship Playoff Spot Following Win Over Origen
Credit: Splyce via YouTube

MAD Lions became the first team to earn a playoff spot in the 2020 LEC Summer Split after destroying Origen in a 28-minute game.

Their first picks of Sona and Lux seemingly caught Origen off guard and allowed MAD Lions to carry the League of Legends game from the bottom side of the map.

Kaiser, on Lux, won his second Player of the Game award of the split. But he was only 0.1 percent ahead of Humanoid, who had a remarkable performance on Twisted Fate, in the vote.

The game began with a play around the top lane from which Origen came out ahead with the first blood on MAD’s jungler, who was playing Hecarim. Due to the fact that OG had Quinn top, they funneled a lot of resources into her to try to allow her to roam and control the map.

OG’s plan started to succeed and Quinn was coming out on top of trades, roaming around the map to allow his team to easily secure dragons and Rift Heralds.

But MAD knew they had the better scaling comp, especially with the Sona in the bottom lane. So they kept giving up early objectives to give themselves time to scale.

In the mid game, MAD allowed OG to start the dragon but ambushed them due to better vision control and TF’s ultimate, which allowed them to collapse onto an isolated player in the blink of an eye.

As the game went by, OG maintained a gold lead due to superior farm in the bottom lane. At the 21-minute mark, Upset had 220 CS, while Carrzy only had 80 CS due to how hard it is to farm with Sona.

Even though the game stabilized for a while, MAD decided to press the gas pedal after taking the Baron. With the Baron buff and a crazy engage by Hecarim and Twisted Fate, MAD singled out the enemy Syndra and closed out the game.

With this win, MAD Lions (11-3) are locked in for the playoffs. Regardless of the outcome of their remaining regular season matches, they’ll have a shot at this year’s World Championship qualifier.

MAD Lions bounced back after being taken down by SK Gaming a couple of weeks ago. On his signature Ezreal pick, SK’s AD carry Crownshot played a crucial role in the team’s win, earning the Player of the Game award for the match. SK picked comfort champions for all their members, with Ezreal being the most notorious pick for Crownshot. Jungler Trick secured early objectives in dragons and Rift Heralds for his team, allowing them to snowball out of MAD’s control.