G2 Esports Resigned Rainbox Six, League Of Legends, And Rocket League Rosters Through 2022

G2 Esports Resigned Rainbox Six, League Of Legends, And Rocket League Rosters Through 2022
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

G2 Esports has quickly become one of the top esports organizations in the world with talented rosters across multiple titles. And today, the team has doubled down on its success by signing its League of Legends, Rainbow Six, and Rocket League rosters for another two years.

“We feel an incredible sense of pride each time partners, players, and fans decide to stick with us through the years,” G2 CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez said. “Renewing their agreements with us underlines how great of a relationship we have with them and it certainly gives us that same feeling of pride.”

On the League front, G2’s star-studded roster has taken over the LEC since they were brought together at the start of 2019. They’ve won every LEC championship since then, won MSI 2019, and reached last year’s World Championship finals. At their peak, this team is the best in Europe and is one of the strongest rosters in the world.

G2’s Rocket League team is equally as strong. The talented roster is coming off of a great performance at the 2020 Rocket League Spring Series Finals where they swept NRG Esports for the title. A new circuit will begin in August, where all of their focus will be on the upcoming World Championship in early 2021.

“I know our summer performances haven’t been what you guys have expected, but just know we are scarred from what happened in season eight,” Rocket League player Reed “Chicago” Wilen said. “That’s why in the next couple weeks the team is heading back to the house to fully restart the grind and regain our spot as one of the best.”

G2’s Rainbow Six roster, on the other hand, hasn’t been as tested as the org’s League and Rocket League lineups, but their potential is still high heading into these new contracts. The team recently finished second during season 11 of the European Pro League and will continue to build on their synergy as they look toward their next big international event.

Perkz said that he believes the current G2 team is even better than they were in the 2019 Worlds finals. He thinks that their improvements are a result of them learning how to play around objectives and upgrading their early-game strategies.

One of G2’s main struggles has been playing from behind. The team would often die and fail to recover. But now, “we don’t intentionally feed as much when we’re behind,” Perkz said.

All three of these rosters are now signed with G2 through 2022.